Itís not rain that makes a roof leak. Itís not snow. Or ice. Or even high winds. No, a roofís greatest threat comes from the changing temperatures outside. Temperatures that make a roof expand and contract thousands of times a year. Itís this constant back-and-forth motion that tears, cracks or simply pulls apart most roof coatings.

But not the PROTECTA-METAL ROOF COATING. Once its cured, it moves as one. Itís like a single sheet of rubber covering the entire building. The secrets in the coating: a specially formulated, high tech and advanced network of chemistry and common sense. Thanks to this DEVELOPMENT, the entire roof can expand or contract freely, far more than any other roof allows.

How does all this translate into dollars and cents? Well, in the first place you can forget about leaks. Youíll also save what it would cost to maintain other roof systems over the years. You may even be in store for lower fuel bills. So before you choose a roof system for your next reroof or new construction project, get the complete facts on the PROTECTA-PRODUCTS roof.

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